Our Most Frequent Questions and Answers


Mission Transition welcomes donations to helping our retired veterans win the battle against PTSD and invites other organizations to cosponsor events to support our mission.


Organizations may join Mission Transition to cosponsored events at Campo Rio! Contact Us at (210) 568-1568 for availability

Support groups, organizations and individuals that support retired veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

Mission Transition raises funds by charging a fee for the use of facilities and cabins donated by Campo Rio Ranch. Fees vary based on event requirements, date, number of attendees and other related costs. We also accept donations from like-minded individuals, veterans, businesses and organizations.

We can accommodate groups up to 30 individuals including staff and volunteers depending at our covered River Pavilion.

Cosponsoring organizations provide meals, activities, supervision, event insurance, security (if required) and other event costs. 

WIFI service is limited to certain areas on the property. Cell phone service is only available via WIFI calling, if your individual plan offers this option. Cell phone carrier service is not available on site. 

There are no medical/emergency services near the site. Because we are located in a remote area of the hill country, medical and emergency services are very limited. It may take several hours to receive needed emergency or other medical assistance. It is very important that every attendee discuss emergency services options with their support group or organizational leaders before making the decision to coming to our Mission Transition’s facilities or event. Mission Transition nor the landowner have medical or emergency facilities on site, nor offers medical or clinical personnel, assistance or capabilities. 

Mission Transition is located on a remote, private hill country ranch owned by one of its sponsors, there are no paved roads or walkways. The property’s terrain, trails and roads consist of loose rocks, a varitity, dirt surfaces that may be dangerous. None of the facilities, surrounding areas, trails, river banks, roads or other part of the property is ADA compliant. Due to the nature of the environment the property may be dangerous. Therefore, The property owner requires that all visitors sign an acknowledgment of hazardous conditions and waiver of liability prior to arriving at our Mission Transition facilities. a