Mission Transition invites organizations, support groups and clubs to sponsor one of our events at our beautiful Texas Hill Country venue.


Mission Transition is committed to helping our retired veterans, and first-responders. Contact Us to check date and availability for event sponsorships.

General Guidelines & FAQ

  • Organizations that support veterans and first responders.
  • Organizations provide Mission Transition with event information i.e. participants, schedules, rules, and guidelines of event for consideration.
  • Events typically are approved in about 30 days.
  • Events hours including setup and clean up time is limited to 6 hours.
  • Events may start as early as 8:00 AM and end as late as 5:00 PM.
  • Sponsoring organizations are responsible for all event relate expenses i.e. to security, permits, event insurance, promotional items, meals, water, equipment, furniture rentals, setups, takedowns, clean up, etc.
  • Sponsors provide Mission Transition a list of event volunteers and  participants.
  • Sponsor volunteers and participants are required to sign a landowner’s release of liability and waiver form before accessing property. 
  • The Mission Transition venues and its event areas are located on Campo Rio Ranch, a private hill country ranch that requires all visitor and participants to register online, prior to arriving. The venues and ranch have limited accessibility, including no ADA conforming wheelchair ramps, no paved roads or walkways. The property has rough and uneven terrain, trails and roads consisting of grass, dirt and rock surfaces. The venues and surrounding areas, walkways, trails, river banks, parks, roads and other parts of the property are not ADA compliant. It may take several hours for emergency medical and other services to arrive at site. Guest organizations will be responsible for the supervision, safety and needs of all its volunteers, participants and invitees while on the property. See Terms of Use for other important information.