Mission Transition is  committed to helping our retried Heroes heal and strengthen the bond between them and their loved ones. Mission Transition, offers other  organizations and support groups that align with our mission, sponsored use of our Texas Hill Country venues at a reduced rate.


Mission Transition is committed to helping our veterans, and first-responders, fight PTSD.

PTSD support groups may qualify to hold events at Campo Rio Ranch!

In our continued efforts to increase community awareness and help our veterans and first-responders overcome PTSD, Mission Transition is offering PTSD support groups to spend the day at Campo Rio Ranch! This offer through our initiative includes access and use of both Campo Rio Ranch’s Riverside Pavilion and Riverside Park area.

Contact Us to schedule your one-day event and possible sponsorships.

General Guidelines & FAQ

  • Organizations that actively support and align with our mission initiative.
  • Guest Organizations provide Mission Transition with copies of event information i.e. co-sponsors, participants, notifications, schedules, flyers, advertising, promotions, rules, and guidelines of event for approval.
  • All event dates typically require approval at least 30 days prior to the event date with e-mail confirmation.
  • Events must be approved by Mission Transition prior to posting on any public notice, event calendars, or website updates.
  • Events hours including setup and clean up time is limited to no more than 6 hours in total.
  • Events may start as early as 8:00 AM and end by 5:00 PM. Multiple day events may be hosted for additional fees.
  • Sponsoring support groups and organizations are responsible for all event relate expenses i.e. to security, permits, event insurance, promotional items, food, water, mechanical and electronic equipment, furniture rentals, setups, takedowns, clean up, etc.
  • Guest organizations must provide Mission Transition a list of all event volunteers and registered participants upon request.
  • All Guest organization volunteers and participants are required to sign a landowner’s release of liability and waiver form before accessing property. 
  • Support groups and organizations volunteers and participants combined shall not to exceed 30 individuals. 
  • The Mission Transition venues and its event areas are located on Campo Rio Ranch, a private hill country ranch that requires all visitor and participants to register online, prior to arriving. The venues and ranch have limited accessibility, including no ADA conforming wheelchair ramps, no paved roads or walkways. The property has rough and uneven terrain, trails and roads consisting of grass, dirt and rock surfaces. The venues and surrounding areas, walkways, trails, river banks, parks, roads and other parts of the property are not ADA compliant. It may take several hours for emergency medical and other services to arrive at site. Guest organizations will be responsible for the supervision, safety and needs of all its volunteers, participants and invitees while on the property. See Terms of Use for other important information.